Norte Cafe coffee family. Photo taken in Finca Paramitos, Colombia

Norte Café is a Dream Come True!

About Our Coffee

Norte Cafe' bags of green beans - photo taken in Finca Paramitos, Colombia

We grow our own coffee at a high altitude!

Our coffee grows on Finca Paramitos, Chinchina, Colombia, 6,000 feet above sea level on mountainous terrain where the clouds and the cooler temperatures help the crop retain its sugars. The result? You will taste our coffee's sweetness, fruity flavor, spices, acidity, body, and more.

Family Business

While I live in Minnesota roasting and selling coffee online and at different farmers markets throughout the Twin Cities, my dad and my cousin take care of the farm. Currently, there are about 45,000 coffee trees on about 15 acres of our 50 acre farm. A portion of our land kept as a forest to preserve the native plants, trees, animals and birds. In addition to coffee, we also grow plantains, corn, squash, cilantro, onions, tomatoes and other produce mainly to consume on the farm.

100 Years of Coffee

This is my grandpa, Concho. He was a coffee farmer who lived until he was 100 years old and dedicated his life to coffee. He worked in the field until he was 94 years old. Along with the traditional activities of coffee growing like picking beans, he was also a carrier, an "Arriero." He transported the coffee from the farm to the nearest market, loading up 10 mules. The nearest city was about eight hours away.


Legend has it that a missionary brought coffee to the Americas two hundred years ago, and although impressed by the Colombian horizon, he surely never imagined the extent of the country’s geographic wealth, nor foresaw the care of the people destined to cultivate it.

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