To preserve your fresh roasted Norte Café beans, store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature. Keep your beans in a dark and cool location. 

Grinding Your Norte Café Beans

There are several different grind types when it comes to grinding coffee beans. Each type of grind will you give you a different aroma and flavor of coffee.

Here is a small breakdown of what the grinds look like. These can be accomplished simply by changing the size on your grinder.

Extra Coarse

The size of really small pebbles


The size of coarse salt


The size of brown or white sand


The size of table salt or sugar

Extra Fine

The size of powdered sugar

Turkish Grain

The size of baby powder

Types of coffee grind Norte Cafe'

The Perfect Grind

If you are still not sure which gadget to get or how to figure out which grind is best, here is a breakdown of each type and what gadget each is used for.

A Coarse Grind is generally used for the following:

  • French Press (press or plunger pot)
  • Toddy Makers (cold brew method)
  • Vacuum Coffee Maker
  • Percolator

A Medium Grind:

  • Auto Drip Makers

A Medium/Fine Grind:

  • Drip Makers (with cone-shaped filters)

A Fine Grind:

  • Stove Top Espresso Pots
  • Some Drip Makers (with cone-shaped filters)

A Super Fine Grind:

  • Espresso Machines

A Turkish Grind:

  • Turkish Style Coffee


How to Make Cold Brew

  • Buy Norte Café’s good quality medium roast coffee beans
    1. The best coffee comes from beans that have been recently roasted.
    2. Grinding your own will give you fresher and better tasting coffee.
  • Find a large container to brew your coffee (you DO NOT need a coffee maker to make cold brew) i.e. pitcher, large mason jar, or a French press coffee maker with presser taken out (if you already have one)
    1. To avoid flavors or chemicals leaking into coffee, try to find a container made of glass.
  • Grind coffee beans
    1. 1oz of ground coffee per ONE cup of water
      1. Determine how many cups of water your container will hold and then use that many ounces of ground coffee
    2. If you like strong cold brew, use more coffee per cup of water. It’s personal preference, so experiment with the ratio to find what you like.
    3. Type of grind: opt for coarse grind for a more traditional cold brew
  • Put ground coffee into container and pour room temperature water over grounds
    1. Stirring the grounds in the water will make sure you will get a full extraction of flavor from all the grounds
  • Cover your coffee and water mixture, then leave it on your counter
    1. Allow coffee to steep for 12-24 hours depending on how strong you want your cold brew
      1. The longer you steep, the stronger it will be
      2. You can occasionally stir mixture to ensure even saturation of coffee grounds
  • It is not necessary to place mixture in refrigerator as the coffee won’t spoil. It will result in colder cold brew when process is finished.
  • After steep, filter coffee and water mixture
    1. A simple way to filter the mixture and what I use is a wire mesh strainer with a cheesecloth or you could use a large coffee filter over a pitcher
      1. Pour steeped coffee through it
      2. Goal is to get rid of all the coffee grounds, leaving you with a smooth and delicious cold brew
  • Chill the coffee and serve when ready
    1. You have a non-diluted iced coffee drink to enjoy with ice, milk or cream and the sweetener of your choice (if needed)


*Cold brew can be kept in your fridge or on your counter for several weeks, just keep it covered. Unlike hot-brewed coffee, cold-brewed coffee will NOT become stale over time.