Drinking Coffee Daily Can Boost Athletic Performance

Caffeine improves athletic performance. This is a proven fact in exercise science. Drinking caffeinated coffee has been linked to improved physical performance. It is more evident in endurance (aerobic) sports lasting for a longer period of time, like running, cycling, and rowing. However, it would also be beneficial before a strength workout. Consuming caffeine before a strength or cardio (aerobic) workout improves your energy, focus, exercise capacity and fat metabolism.


Image source: Coffee Geek TV 



For years, many scientists, coaches and athletes believed that an athlete had to refrain from caffeine for a period of time before an event to gain a boost, but later found out that those findings are obsolete.


According to the National Coffee Association, Bruno Gualano, a professor of physiology and nutrition at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, wanted to test that assumption, as a scientist, recreational cyclist and committed coffee drinker. “Coffee is part of my diet,” he said. A daily coffee drinker can definitely benefit from taking caffeine before an event, without having to cut consumption.  


He gathered data and compared 40 competitive male cyclists’ results with and without caffeine. The data shows that the riders had significantly improved their times when caffeinated, nearly 1.5 minutes faster than when they had no caffeine.


It doesn't matter if the riders drink a little or a lot of caffeine in their diet, a small supplementation can improve performance.


Before your next workout, drink a nice cup of coffee 30 minutes to an hour before and see if that makes a difference in your workout performance

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